What is Step up Reach Out?

SURO is an international leadership advocacy program designed to develop and train young adults in the bleeding disorders community globally who want to step up and help to promote better care and services in their communities. SURO was started in 2007 and is administered by Global Blood Disorders Foundation Inc.


  • One-year commitment to the program
  • Participation in two program meetings
  • Responsible for completing a project by end of the program
  • See additional criteria to attend in the Application


The Step Up Reach Out International Program has several learning platforms with program goals in each platform introduces over two program meetings. They are:

The Goals for the Step Up Reach Out Program are:

1. Develop leaders in the hemophilia community
2. Understanding Hemophilia

  • a. Treatment evolution
    b. Access to care issues
    c. History of the hemophilia community

3. Develop locally connected leaders who will be strong advocates in their communities for the

  • a. Treatment
    b. Programs
    c. Care

4. Connect attendees with hemophilia on a global level
5. Build skills that will enable personal and professional success
6. Completion of a community- based project that has an impact in the BD community on the local level

Program Agenda

The program agendas are comprised of a series of educational sessions, activities, and discussions that will
enable the attendees to learn, understand and internalize the materials presented. Each program will
have an agenda that builds on itself to the completion of the program over one year.


Building the Foundation 
of Leadership

Part I of the program will focus on teaching participants the basic skills they will need to become leaders in the bleeding disorders community. Specific activities will focus on:

  • Team-building skills
  • Communication skills
  • Self-esteem activities
  • The evolution of hemophilia care and treatment
  • Tools for success
  • Social media and video training
  • Research and product development

Final Project:

The primary outcome for the Step Up Reach Out Program is to have the attendees identify a project
proposal related to and brings value to their bleeding disorders communities. They will gain the skills and tools in the first program meeting to complete a project by the second program meeting and present it to their group. Guidance is available from the SURO Team.

The expectation is attendees will complete a project that can have an impact in their respective bleeding disorder communities.


Defining Your Leadership Role

In Part II of the program, participants will have the opportunity to further build their leadership and communications skills and learn from one another by presenting their action plans. Specific activities will focus on:

  • Development of key leadership skills
  • Public speaking and presentation techniques
  • Presentations on individual projects
  • Community advocacy
  • Stakeholders
  • Introduction to frankly.net

SURO: 2023


June 9-13, 2023


Dubai, UAE


TBA 2023